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Following the repeal of Prohibition, in 1933, Carmine Martignetti was granted retail license number 001 for Martignetti Grocery Company in Boston’s North End. Since the late 1970’s, a passion for wine led our family to introduce numerous Napa Valley wines to New England. Inspired by those classic vintages, third-generation principals Carmine and Beth Martignetti and their sons Freddie, Philip and Michael have created their own wine, sourced from thirty-three-year-old hillside vines of Ecotone Vineyard. In partnership with winemaker Graeme MacDonald, grape-grower Jack Bittner, and crafted at Hudson Napa Valley, the Martignetti family aspires to create a classically styled, singular wine that reflects this unique site.


1933's Boston North End - Martignetti Grocery

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